Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hugo and I have been celebrating with heavy hearts and good intentions this weekend. It is my mom's birthday and we had a small party for her at our house yesterday. On Friday night, we went to Harry's Seafood on the Wilmington Waterfront for a delicious dinner. We loved sitting together on the patio and watching as the boats coasted along the canal. Our conversation drifted to old friends, as my dad casually asked if I had spoken to my old friend Paula lately. Literally five minutes later Paula serendipitously stepped into the restaurant and joined our table for some conversation and cocktails. Is this just a random co-incidence? I don't think so. I believe that all the random events of our lives have a hidden purpose and distinct meaning. If we follow our intuitive hunches and pay close attention to these co-incidences I firmly believe they can lead us to a healthier and fulfilling life. What co-incidenced are you experiencing today? What can you learn from them?

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