Saturday, May 31, 2008


When I went to the grocery store this week I was shocked that I spent nearly $30.00 more than the week before. And I basically bought all the same items! Economists predict that the cost of groceries is expected to rise throughout 2008. Don't let the current economy rock your world and erode your sense of inner peace! Hugo and I found some simple ways to save big on groceries and other expenses that we would like to share with you. Check out the following sites to trim your food budget.

Having less money to spend can be a stressful experience. When I feel discouarged about money issues, I donate a few bucks to a charitable organization to instantly give my spirits a boost. The money that I would have spent on a latte or a useless convenience item is much better put to use by a reputable non-profit. I used to splurge on shoes and handbags to get a temporary "happiness fix." But over time, I discovered that giving to another person or organization is much more satisfying.(Not to mention allows me more closet space and a less cluttered home) I firmly believe that what you give away comes back to you tenfold. I have witnessed this universal law in action in my own life and the lives of others numerous times. Money is simply an energy. How are you flowing yours?

If you feel inspired to donate a few bucks to charity, here is a great non-profit that could use some money to build a much needed children's playground. Brandywine Counseling is an excellent non -profit substance abuse treatment agency that is based in WIlmington, Delaware. I used to work here and saw first hand the tremendous amount of good this agency does for the clients and the community. Brandywine Counseling recently opened Delaware's first residential treatment program for women and their children. This program is really needs money to help purchase things for the babies and children that reside there. Click here to donate now through JustGive

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