Sunday, June 1, 2008


NO is the word of the day in our house. Our two year old daughter tosses this word around freely and loves being contrary lately. She started the whole"No! thing when she was about eighteen months old. Thankfully, she has become much more agreeable and sweet-natured over the past few months. We thought that she outgrew the "NO!" phase for the most part. But lately the word NO! has reared its ugly head again (and again). Only this time she expounds upon it. "No, I am not doing that!" or my personal favorite "No , mommy. YOU do it. I'm busy." It is all about feeling in control and powerful. Yes, I know that it's completely normal behavior for this age. Usually, we find these dramatic protests quite comical. We have to turn our heads or cover our mouths so she that doesn't see us laughing. However, this weekend we are weary and taking turns dealing with the mayhem. I mean,really, who turns down a trip to Sesame Place, Rita's water ice, and a dip in the pool??

I believe that how we perceive the outer world is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. What we see in others often mirrors our own issues right back to us. So I am compelled to ask myself the question. What am I saying no to? In the past twenty four hours, I have politely declined the following, two play date requests, an invitation to a beach weekend, gratis babysitting services, a lunch date, countless offers to advertise on this blog, and a free Sesame Place Season Passport. Not to mention the small part of me that is resisting my daughter's negativism and wanting her behavior to be different.
I know that everything shows up in our lives for a reason. For me, it is important to be open to the many possibilities each day presents. Now I am not suggesting that you need to say yes to every request that you receive. It is healthy and necessary to decline invitations that do not serve your current goals or preferences. But I encourage you to pay attention what you are refusing today. Perhaps you are resisting starting that exercise regimen or preparing health foods. What emotions lie just beneath your resistance? Remember that is takes more energy to resist feelings that it does to simply allow them to be. Your own body language will give you to clues to what you are not allowing. Closed fists and crossed arms signal mental resistance louder than a resounding NO! Find a way to to "yes" to something today or at the very least simply allow it to be.
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