Monday, June 16, 2008


Each day, I get lots of requests to help people with various social and medical problems. Here is a resource guide that I compiled for our readers in the hope it would help you on your path to wellness. Currently, I am not available to practice traditional psychotherapy or provide social services via the Internet. However, it is my intention to point you in the direction of the help you are seeking. If you are reading this post and are currently experiencing a life threatening psychiatric or medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you are experiencing a non-emergent psychiatric or medical problem, your family doctor or health care provider is a great person to ask for help. Here is list of resources that may be able to help you on your journey to overcome your struggles and live a peaceful and healthy life. If you find any non-working or wrong numbers here, please let me know so I can correct them.

ADOPTION: National Adoption Center 800-862-3678

AGING: National Council on Aging 800-424-9046

AIDS: Clinical Trial Information Services 800-TRIALS-A

ALCOHOL: Alcohol Hotline 800-252-6465

ALZHEIMERS: Alzheimer's Helpline 800-228-8738

ALZHEIMERS: Alzheimer's Hotline 800-621-0379

AUTISM: Autism Society of America 800-3AUTISM

BRAIN: National Brain Tumor Foundation 800-934-CURE CANCER:

American Cancer Society 800-ACS-2345

CANCER: National Breast Cancer Organization 800-221-2141

CHILDREN: Child Find of America 800-426-5678

DEPRESSION: Depression Hotline 800-551-0008

DIABETES: American Diabetes Association 800-232-3472

DIABETES: International Juvenile Diabetes Foundation 800-223-1138

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE: National hotline 1-800-799-7233

DRUGS ABUSE: Just Say No 800-258-2766

DYSLEXIA: Orton Dyslexia Society 800-ABCD-123

EPILEPSY: Epilepsy Foundation of America 800-EFA-1000

FAMILIES: Parents Helpline 800-345-5044

FIBROMYALGIA: Fibromyalgia Network 800-853-2929

GAMBLING: National Council on Problem Gambling 800-522-4700

GRIEF: Grief Recovery Hotline 800-445-4808

HEADACHES: National Headache Foundation 800-843-2256

HEART: American Heart Association 800-242-8721

HEPATITIS: Hepatitis Foundation International 800-891-0707

HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE: Huntington's Disease Foundation 800-345-4372

IMMUNE DEFICIENCIES: Immune Deficiency foundation 800-296-4433

LYMES DISEASE: Lymes Disease Foundation 800-886-5963

MEDICARE: Medicare Hotline 800-medicare


MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: National Center for Multiple Sclerosis Society 800-344-4867

PREGNANCY: Maternity care 800-592-4357

RAPE: Rape/Sex Abuse Hotline 800-551-0008

SAFETY: Workplace safety and health 800-321-OSHA

SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE: National Sexually Transmitted Disease Hotline 800-227-8922

SOCIAL SECURITY: Social Security Administration 800-772-1213

SPINAL CORD: National Spinal Cord Injury Association 800-962-9629

SUICIDE: National 24/7 hotline 1-800-SUICIDE

STUTTERING: National Center for Stuttering 800-221-2483

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