Monday, June 2, 2008


A reader challenged me to photograph the inside of our refrigerator and post it on this blog. So here you have it. The inside of our refrigerator on a moment's notice. It could use some cleaning and a new filter, but it is chocked full of healthy foods. Many of the items pictured here are great ways to eat nutritious meals and snacks on the go. Having healthy food ready to take and toss in your bag makes life much simpler and peaceful. I've listed some of my favorite staple refrigerator items here.
1. organic milk
2. organic yogurt
2. organic part skim mozzarella string cheese
3. Tribe roasted red pepper hummus
4. organic baby carrots
5. Smart Dogs soy protein "hot dogs"
6. Veggie meatballs
7. bagged spinach
8. organic cottage cheese
9. whole wheat tortillas
10. "veggie" cheese slices
11. organic cage free eggs
12. bagged iceberg lettuce
13. strawberries or other in season fruit washed,sliced and ready to go
14. fresh blueberries
15. kiwifruit
16. organic cucumbers
I am glad I took this picture. I almost forgot about that delicious watermelon that is taking up our entire third shelf!
What's in your fridge?

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