Monday, June 16, 2008


"It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." Anthony Robbins

It seems like everyone I encounter today is facing major decisions. My dad's brain tumor is growing and he needs to make a choice on how he wishes to proceed. A client can't decide if she wants to put a prestigious career on hold to stay at home and raise children full time. Decisions can be anxiety producing and paralyzing when they are approached with fear. However, decisions can also be an empowering gateway to your true self.

Many people are seeking my input and advice regarding important decisions lately. I wish I had all the answers for you. I truly believe that we are all our own gurus and that the answers to our most burning questions lie within us. We just need to get quiet and open enough to listen to our own inner wisdom. Of course this is easy for me to say, because I am not facing a major decision in this moment. Whatever decision you make today, I encourage you to stay open, keep breathing and keep moving with the flow of life. Trust that you will be provided with exactly what you need on your journey. And please remember ask for help when you need it.

A happy and peaceful life is created one decision at a time. You can choose to watch tv or go out for a walk. To order a hamburger or a salad.

What decisions are you making today?

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