Friday, August 8, 2008


"For after all, the best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."- Henry Wadworth Longfellow

I love this Longfellow quote and feel its is all about accepting yourself exactly as you are in this present moment. I think one of the most liberating things that one can to is radically accept oneself exactly where they are at this moment in time. So maybe you are 20 pounds overweight or in a relationship that is less than perfect . How does it feel to love yourself exactly as you are without trying to change anything or acheive something ? Accepting yourself does not mean that you are settling for less. It simply means opening up to what the present moment has to teach you.

As I write this post, I still feel feel overwhelmed by an overflowing inbox, a two year old covered in inexplicable hives AGAIN, and a father afflicted with brain cancer who is grossly impaired. A huge part of me is waiting for something to shift, something to be dramatically different. But another part of me is simply, witnessing all that I experience , kicking back and enjoying the ride. However, instead of pushing uncomfortable feelings away, today I will let the rain fall and trust that sometime soon the sun will shine again.

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